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Retour sur le congrès ESAB 2024 à San Sebastian, Espagne

The European South Atlantic Biophysics Meeting that took place in Donostia-San Sebastian, on the 5th-7th June 2024, was organized as a joint effort by the Spanish SBE French SFB and Portuguese SPBf Biophysical Societies, to gather scientists for presenting their most exciting biophysical research work. It was an excellent opportunity for researchers to meet and discuss opportunities to collaborate in a genuinely multidisciplinary environment.

The event brought together researchers and students mostly based in France, Spain, and Portugal, but also European researchers who are interested in the most recent advances in the field of Biophysics. In fact, the participation of three societies will broaden the networking activities and the dissemination of knowledge in biophysics.

Here some pictures of the meeting !

The Mayor of San Sebastian, together with the presidents of the SFB, SBE ans SPBf and Aitziber Lopez Cortajarena, chair of the meeting.


Président of the SFB, Coralie Bompard


During that meeting, the SFB young Research prize has been given to Yeraldinne Carrasco Salas.


Yeraldinne Carrasco Salas and Coralie Bompard

Group picture of the attendees at the ESAB 2024 !