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Imaging life: the future

The “Imaging life: the future” international 2.5-day symposium which will be held in Montpellier, France October 17-19 to celebrate 20 years of imaging and cytometry at MRI aims to foster intense and friendly scientific discussions to try and foresee how future developments in light/electron microscopy and image analysis could further transform research in animal and plant biology across scales, from molecules to tissues. We are expecting to host 200 scientists from all over Europe.

Registrations for the symposium, are currently open. Please visit the meeting’s website for more information about the exciting and very diverse programme and for registration: Imagin Life: The Future

The seven scientific sessions will cover the main research themes of the community of MRI users: image analysis, cancer biology, plant biology, 3D genome architecture and transcription, neuroscience, cell and development biology, infection and immunity. Two plenary lectures will complete the programme, one on the acquisition and image analysis with the James Webb space telescope, the other will open up to the image-based numerical modelling of biological processes.

Talks by 23 invited speakers will be completed by 21 short talks selected from abstracts and by a poster session. This is an excellent opportunity to show the dynamism of our young researchers in imaging and cytometry.

We would be grateful if you could forward to colleagues in your labs and institutes, at the doctoral, post-doctoral or early tenure levels, to encourage them to submit an abstract for oral presentation by Wednesday August 23rd midnight on work using advanced imaging/cytometry or image analysis in cancer biology, plant biology, 3D genome architecture and transcription, neurosciences, cell and developmental biology, infection and immunity


5th International Symposium on Pathomechanisms of Amyloid Diseases

The 5th International Symposium on Pathomechanisms of Amyloid Diseases will take place on September 5-7th 2023 in Bordeaux!

The purpose of this symposium is to bring established investigators, junior researchers and industrials together to discuss and expand this exciting field. Attendance will be limited, making it an ideal setting for discussion and learning.

To get all information, see here : 5th International Symposium on Pathomechanisms of Amyloid Diseases


EBSA 2023, Stockholm, Suède

La SFB soutient le congrès de l’EBSA (http://ebsa.org/portal/meetings-of-interest) qui aura lieu du 31 juillet au 4 août à Stockholm, en Suède. Toutes les informations peuvent être trouvées ici : https://mkon.nu/ebsa

GERM 2023

Le GERM (Groupement d’Etudes de Résonance Magnétique) a pour vocation de rassembler la communauté des chercheurs, enseignants chercheurs, étudiants et ingénieurs, du public et du milieu industriel. Il nous permet de suivre les développements récents en RMN, IRM et RPE dans toute leur diversité.

Le prochain congrès du GERM aura lieu du 12 au 15 Juin 2023 au domaine du Lac de Chambon à Murol (63). Cette conférence réunira 80 experts de différents domaines de la résonance magnétique et de la résonance paramagnétique électronique, utilisant la spectroscopie en solution et à l’état solide ainsi que les techniques d’imagerie et de relaxométrie. La thématique de ce congrès est “la Résonance Magnétique en conditions extrêmes”.

Toutes les informations ici : https://germ-asso.fr/evenements/congres-germ-2023-resonance-magnetique-aux-extremes