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Mission of the SFB

The mission of the Société Française de Biophysique is to promote the development and dissemination of biophysics as a scientific discipline. Its mission is also to unite the community of biophysicists and to represent it at national and international level.

The SFB is a member of EBSA (European Biophysical Societies’ Association) and of the French academic learned societies college (SACACAD).
The SFB has a representative in the International Union of Pure and Applied (IUPAB).

How the SFB works

The SFB is a learned society (association under the law of 1901). The SFB is governed by a Council, which consists of members elected by the members who are up to date with their subscriptions. At its first meeting, the Council elects a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary (who form the Bureau).

Council Members meet twice a year (spring and autumn meetings) and once a year a General Assembly is held to review the past year and set new directions.

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How can I get involved with the SFB?

Anyone who shares the aims of the SFB and has training or experience in biophysics or a related scientific field can join the SFB.

Every member receives information about the life of the Society. They benefit from preferential rates when registering for conferences sponsored by the SFB, for which student members can receive a bursary.

The Society encourages its members to take an active part in the life of the SFB (organisation of scientific meetings, provision of training, participation in the Society’s bodies, etc.).