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APPICOM 2023 membrane protein meeting

Integrative Approach for a multi-scale understanding of Membrane Proteins Functions

The Group APPICOM gathers 91 research teams coming from 49 research institutes, in France and abroad. APPICOM regroups teams interested in Membrane Proteins, from biochemical and structural studies, to pharmacology and dynamic simulations, and cellular and physiological investigations.

The fourth APPICOM plenary meeting will take place at the « domaine du Lazare », Sète, in the greater Montpellier area; from October 16th to 18th, 2023.


  • The GDR is very happy to offer 1 free registration for a student/PhD/postdoc per team!
    It is important that each team coordinates to decide which will be the recipient of this voucher, and that only this person uses the « free » category in Azurcolloque (We will be checking…).
  • This free registration is for the duration of the meeting, but doesn’t include the wednesday night. For your information, there is another meeting starting right after us and we have limited amount of room available for the wednesday night, but there are also hotel nearby in Sète that can be booked.
  • Since the meeting will be held in October, we need to close the registration in the beginning of September. Don’t wait for the last minute to register.
  • When you register, pay attention if you want to stay the night on Wednesday, as it has additional fees and its own specific category in azurcolloque.