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Type d'annonce : Offre de thèse

De : ARNA , Bordeaux - site internet

Biomolecular condensates are dynamic, membrane-less structures composed of various biomolecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids and other biomolecules that form within cells and are increasingly recognized as important regulators of various cellular processes. These condensates are thought to be formed by biomolecular phase
separation, e.g. liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) of proteins, that leads to clustering of macromolecules through weak and multivalent interactions. One of the hallmarks of condensates in cells is their potential to form upon certain stimuli such as stress signals and their reversibility upon stress resolution. In contrast under
pathophysiological conditions this condensate equilibrium is often disturbed.
The aim of this PhD project is to investigate the phase separation and underlying processes (such as conformational dynamics, self-association and translational
diffusion) of a particular protein system via a multidisciplinary approach. This will start with comprehensive characterization of the phase separation behavior and related dynamic molecular processes in vitro, followed by probing the conformational dynamics, interactions and phase behavior of this protein in its native environment i.e. living cells. These two approaches would then be linked by a theoretical (derived from polymer and soft-matter physics) models. This program will culminate at obtaining a complete view of a protein phase separation from multiple angles and eventually allow assessing how simple in vitro experiments or mathematical models can capture the complex situation in cells.

Détails de l'annonce

  • Profil : Candidates are expected to work in a multidisciplinary environment at the interface of biophysics/biology/physics. Good background in biophysics, biochemistry and/or cell biology is required. Prior experience with advanced optical microscopy will be appreciated.
  • Durée de contrat : 3 ans
  • Date de prise de fonction : 01/10/2023
  • Documents à fournir pour candidater : CV, Lettre de motivation
  • Date limite de candidature : 20/07/2023

Personne à contacter

  • Nom : Dr. Mikayel Aznauryan and Dr. Harald Wodrich
  • Email : mikayel.aznauryan@inserm.fr